There is a struggle in the health community to understand all of the new science coming out on nutrition.  For example, new studies show that aturated fat is not the "cause" of heart disease, salt is not the "cause" of high blood pressure.  When these studies first came out doctors were so skeptical they often did not publish these studies. But the evidence is important and people need to see the original studies. 

Not everyone on the list below believes in fasting but they have all made contributions to understanding the current dietary crisis facing modern society.


1.Gary TaubesObjective view of Science; a scientist/journalist; not a nutritionist; Impeccable Research to back up his writing

2.Jason FungNephrologist sick of seeing people w/kidney failure; known for Intermittent fasting; reversing T2D

3.Stephen PhinneyPhD in nutritional biochemistry from MIT; science behind LCHF; Low carb high fat diets

4.Tim NoakesScientist, former runner who preached carbo-loading until he discovered his own diabetes

5.Andreas Eenfeldt"DietDoctor" - Leader of the Swedish low-carb movement! Runs a great website- NO Funding from special interests

6.Robert LustigLeader of the "Sugar is Toxic" movement; He is a true activist and is willing to dedicate his life to educating others

8.Aseem MalholtraCardiologist from UK; Really great lectures on heart health, saturated fat & statins

9.Donal O'NeillIrish athlete who has produced movies about low-carb; ketosis and sports; (Cereal Killers) available on

10.Michael PollanAlmost like a God to me! Love his new series on Netflix "Cooked"; does not advocate anything but "real food"

12.Michael JosephNutrition Advance Website… He is a nutrition educator and I love his posts


William DavisWheat Belly,

PerlmutterGrain Brain