Style and Confidence for a New You
Clothing updates

Let's face it,  most people loose weight to look good.  But then there are new clothes to buy and you have to look good in public.  To help with this we have developed a team of experts to help with clothing, body language and social dynamics in public settings that will really make you look good!

Let's start with clothing,  styles are constantly changing, and a few years ago the style was very loose clothing even for people with good looks.  But now tight stretchy clothing are back in style.  Finding clothing that fit right is the most import consideration when going for a new ward robe

Posture and body language

One mistake many people make is they think they have to show tons of energy in social settings.  This is often called trying to hard.  Learning to relax while having good posture and a positive attitude will

make you fit in, even

So let's break this down. The advice we get from mainstream diets is to count every calorie.  If we eat three meals a day and eat two snacks, that's allot of math.  I suggest eating one meal a day and count the calories in that one meal.  For example, fast all day with coffee and bullion cubes to handle the hunger (about 20 calories) - OK?  Then in the afternoon eat an avocado salad with olive oil, garlic and chicken.  What's your total calories?


avocado 230 Kcal

3.5 oz chicken 240 Kcal

1 tablespoon olive oil 120 Kcal

Total calories are roughly 600 per day.   The idea behind fasting most of the day and then eating one small meal per day is that this forces the body to decrease it's reliance on glucose in the body and begin to burn fat. This can also be sustained over several days.  The body has roughly 2 days of glucose in the liver if you are fasting and eating very low carbs and protein.

Tight clothing are in style.