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It is simply not eating while making sure you have enough water and electrolytes -- such as salt -- to stay healthy. 

Why Fast?


Because there are many benefits to fasting such as:


  • lowering insulin levels

  • curbing appetite

  • mental clarity

  • weight management

  • possible improvement to immune function.   


What is Intermittent fasting?

But first of all: for some people, fasting is not easy!  You might need to check with your doctor before you go on a fast.  This is especially true if you are taking medications.  Having said this, fasting can result in weight loss, fat burning and better health for most people.


Hi, I'm Geoff. 

When I was young, I was an artist but also loved to play sports.  As an artist I struggled and ate plenty of ramen noodles to stay alive. I also stayed up late and had a good time as many young people do.  But in my early thirties I began having terrible pains in my shoulders and neck to the point where I couldn't work anymore at my computer job. 

Exercise helped.  I eventually learned to manage my various aches and pains by staying strong and active. 

After a number of years of struggling with these personal health problems I decided to study medicine and I became a physical therapist assistant.  But I quickly learned that there were problems in the health care system when I began working in nursing homes.  Most patients, despite the therapy and medicine, didn't get better.  They put very little attention on nutrition and the quality of the food the patients ate.  When I questioned the meal plans, I was told that it was all approved by the dietitian.  

Fast forward 8 years and many hours of study, I discovered something new! I was looking at body building programs, low carbohydrate diets and intermittent fasting. Most of the Internet sites promised a six pack and strong lean bodies.  But more importantly, they hinted at the science behind this.  One of these sites directed me to Dr. Jason Fung and his program for reversing diabetes.   I had stumbled on something big.     

Here is what Dr Fung explains:

1) People who understand a problem are much more likely to solve the problem.  Why are people obese?  There has to be an answer besides an inability to control calories.


2) Evidence based science is a starting point for any solution. What does the evidence show related to the problem and the solution?


3) Most of what we have been told about health and weight loss has been wrong.  For years we've been told that we need to eat many small meals through out the day and we need to avoid fatty foods.  The more people tried to follow this advice the more they became obese, diabetic and sick.  What Dr. Fung and a number of other doctors show is that the real problem is in the carbohydrates and insulin.  The advice we have been given can lead to insulin resistance by continually raising insulin levels.  Ultimately, insulin resistance can lead to obesity and metabolic disease as I saw in the nursing homes. The end results are tragic. 

So the old simplistic advice - to eat less and exercise more is flawed because it does not get at the root of the problem.  Why do people fail at their diets over and over?  Because the "calories in - calories out" formula does not comprehend the problem and people simply can not stick to a diet that does not address the insulin hormone issue. 

So let's tackle all this with science and determination.  Despite everything that you have heard, it is very possible to overcome obesity and metabolic disease

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